CTIPs Refresher Course (CTIPS002)
CTIPs Refresher Course (CTIPS002)
Hygiene Awareness (KRH002)
Hygiene Awareness (KRH002)
In this course you will learn: - What is Hygiene - How to maintain hygiene - How to protect yourself and reduce risk of infections - How to regulate, monitor and sustain hygiene practices Video Source: Story of Cholera:...
Heavy Equipment Mechanic Course (KRH004)
Heavy Equipment Mechanic Course (KRH004)
In this course you will learn: - Engine and Power Transmission - Fuel, Hydraulic & Electric Systems - Maintenance & Safety - Suspension & Brake Systems - Tires – Armors - Ground Guiding Procedure Related...
Supply Chain Course (KRH005)
Supply Chain Course (KRH005)
In this course you will learn: - Introduction of supply chain - Review of the supply chain process - Warehouse safety measures - Explanation of the NATO terminologies used - Explanation of the roles of: - Supply Clerk - Shipping and...
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (KRH007)
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (KRH007)
Sexual harassment is a serious violation of human rights, causing severe psychological, physical, and emotional harm

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